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Feb 6, 2013 10:00am PST
with just two pills. good eye. >>> leading 1k3er789s on science and technology warned of did devastating effects on economy and education if budget cuts go into effect on march. the sequester, among those testifying, shirley ann jackson, and joins me now.the sequester, testifying, shirley ann jackson, and joins me now.into effect on. the sequester, among those testifying, shirley ann jackson, and joins me now. welcome. you're no stranker to washington. born and raised here and former head of the nuclear regulatory commission. what are your big concerns about science and technology and the effects of the sequester if it goes in to effect? >> the big concerns are these. science and technology and the basic research that under girds it have been the the basis of over 50% of our gdp growth for 50 years. but the things we take for granted today are based on research that occurred over a 10, 20, 30 year period, even 50 years. and so one has to understand the source of idea generation. secondly, one has to have human talent. and that stall letalent is supp fellowships that come out of federal s
Feb 4, 2013 10:00am PST
the super dome, it's an old infrastructure that can't handle the modern technology of beyonce. >> it handled beyonce. >> you almost wonder -- >> did that use up too much juice? >> you do have to wonder. if you are the city of new orleans, you are upset. you want to have these big things, and what i have been amazed at is how little the nfl has, the city has. everybody -- >> we still don't know. >> we're the finger-pointing here, and if you are the mayor of new orleans, you are mitch landrieu, i would be angry because that is reflective of the city. people thinking, super dome. >> this was supposed to be the victory lap. >> they don't know -- they can't do it blsh. >> did you think kaepernick was going to do it, and did you start rooting for the underdog in the second half? >> i was rooting for -- it's all about miami and i was rooting for ed reid. that was -- what a great game. >> no call on the holding. >> well, as i -- >> i think it was the right call. but they -- >> what's the deal that refs in a game like this in the last few minutes are not supposed to call obvious holds? >> well, i don
Feb 7, 2013 10:00am PST
involving the covert activity against iran, the technology. >> honestly in many ways i think this is maybe the hardest piece for john. white house officials frequently do unclassified background briefings for members of the press, as you know. the question will be do you ever provide them with classified information that you shouldn't? now, i think he is going to be adamant. my guess is absolutely positively not. it's impossible to be at the white house for four years and not have questions like this come up. honestly i think on the other piece is the drones issue will honestly be a big issue for debate, but this is one that the senate intelligence committee has been deeply involved in and as chairman feinstein has said, they've been able to do oversight, so i actually think those questions -- it may be some asking questions to john, but the things that he was personally involved in, like potentially leaks, will be a little harder for hem, but i'm confident he will give satisfactory answers. >> as kelly subpoena on had the hill also watching very closely, very tough questions on benghazi t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)